CBM takes pride in providing superb representation to clients throughout Maryland while retaining its Eastern Shore roots. CBM successfully litigates against the biggest firms in the state, and is a widely recognized front runner in employment law and federal civil litigation. Yet, CBM remains the top choice for locals in real estate settlements, land use cases, corporate transactions, personal injury claims, domestic disputes, traffic cases and misdemeanor criminal cases.

The firm traces its origins to 1997, when three respected attorneys, Robin R. Cockey, Mark P. Brennan and Thomas J. Maloney, founded a new kind of law firm, one that would blend the traditional services of a rural general practice with sophisticated specialties previously handled only by urban law firms. The result has been a resounding success, as the firm has tripled in size, building a regional reputation for strong client relationships and zealous advocacy. Today, the firm is proud to offer outstanding counsel to individuals, businesses, families and local government throughout the state.

Two locations in Maryland
Salisbury & Ocean City

CBM is presently comprised of nine attorneys who handle a remarkably diverse caseload, including civil rights, constitutional, employment, domestic, corporate, real estate, land use, personal injury and municipal matters. CBM prides itself on its strong litigation skills, handling cases in all Maryland state and Federal courts, at both the trial and appellate levels, and covering an array of civil, criminal and administrative matters. Whether arguing a civil rights case in Federal Appeals Court, trying a personal injury case before a jury or handling an administrative matter in a government agency, CBM attorneys go to bat for their clients and, if needed, go the second mile, because client satisfaction is the goal in every case.

Our firm is distinguished
by the following...

  • Aggressive, skilled litigators
    Each of our attorneys is a highly skilled negotiator and litigator. While we work to resolve each case quickly and effectively, we are prepared to take any case to trial.
  • Dedicated local advocacy
    We are a local firm, serving local clients. Each of our attorneys has deep roots in the community and is dedicated to effectively serving our clients, as well as civil and charitable organizations.
  • Collective, diverse experience
    Each of our attorneys brings a diverse set of skills, resources and specific experience to our firm. We work collectively to bring individuals, families and businesses optimal legal services and results.